Bluebird RFR900 RFID Reader

Bluebird RFR900 adds UHF RFID reading capability to Bluebirds touch mobile computers and is designed as an ergonomic pistol grip handle — ideal for use in retail, manufacturing, and distribution.

Main Specification:

Dimensions 127.9 x 70 x 146.2 mm
Weight 328g
Data Capture 1D/2D imager
RFID Performance Fastest Read Rate : 900+ Tag/Sec
Read Range : 20+ ft. / 6+ m.
Pairing Bluetooth
Compatible Host Devices EF400, EF500, EF500R
Ruggedness 1.2m/4ft. drop per MIL-STD 810G
IP54 Sealing
Battery 3.64v, 3050mAh


Bluebird RFR900 RFID Reader


Bluebird RFR900 Details:

RFR900 combines high-speed reading with the ability to read over 600 tags per second with an extended reading distance of up to six meters. In addition, RFR900 is able to store over 40,000 RFID tags in batch mode. RFR900 enables you to add long range UHF RFID reading capability to EF400, EF500, EF500R, BP30, and BM180. Need to read barcodes too? Just press the button on the side of the mobile computer to switch between RFID and barcode scanning. RFR900 can be charged with Bluebird”s touch mobile computer series (EF500, EF500R, EF400 and BP30), making charging easier and more conventient. The Bluebird RFR900 is also known as the Bluebird RFR900.


Key Features:

Fast, long, lower error occurrence and widened capturing angle with UHF: The RFR900 comes with unprecedented RFID reading capabilities. This powerful technology makes it easy for your associates to capture data when the product is not normally reachable with standard methods. It offers industry-leading reading capabilities as well as faster and longer operation. Unlike its competitors’ models, the reading angle is almost 360º, which has no blank space(null points). It’s also a much wider reading angle than others. Even the reading rate, reading multi tags per second, is much more.


Zero Error occurrence for data communication: Through physical contact and Bluetooth between RFID reader and Bluebird touch mobile computer, data transfer achieves error zero rate. Moreover, Bluebird considered for all the type of data transfer possible. A variety of it are available such as USB, Bluetooth, WIFI and etc.


Easy toggle between RFID and 1D/2D barcode: Users can simply push the button on the left to switch between RFID and barcode scanning.


SDK, developer friendly environment: Bluebird Software Development Kit(SDK) is a great starting point for developing a RFID reading application. The SDK contains a variety of useful materials for developers, including extensive documentation, tutorials, samples, best API practice guidance, and the libraries of API for numerous development purposes. Along with Bluebird SDK features, clients are free to develop their own applications
for their unique needs and it provides latest update through Bluebird TMS to make it up and improve security.

RFR900 PDF File